Oh Joy!
2003-01-02 || Gwen and Larry, 1972, Montana
Soundtrack � Fela Kuti � Expensive Shit

Massive headache happening right now from�who knows, I slept on the train on the way home last night, and slept this morning for a while. The train ride to New York was quick. Upon reaching Penn Station I was greeted to a confusing mess of people, thousands of arrows pointing to streets I�ve never heard of, and staircases leading to nowhere. Once I made it out to the street I realized I was under Madison Square Garden. I made it through the millions of hippies and cops and military men inside the arena. The seats were 15 rows back from the stage, dead center. We had two rows of seats reserved for people who worked on the book about Phish that the Phish organization kindly sold to them. I was a guest of my friend JDG who was an editor; I contributed some writing to the book as well. This was a pretty big event, not only was it a New Years show, it was the bands first show in 2 years since they announced their hiatus. Once they came out the cheering was so loud it was deafening, as expected. Nobody sat down for the remainder of the show. It�s funny, going to see Phish all these times, and then going to see other bands I�m always reminded at how much more fun it is at their gigs. Every other show it seems people just sit there. A bunch of white people in sweaters sitting there clapping politely at the end of each song. Tom Hanks (although it is rumored to have been a look-a-like of him) came out in the middle of the song �Wilson�. Which was preceded by a clip on a screen of the movie Castaway where the character is calling out for his volley ball friend Wilson. It was pretty funny. Once midnight came the whole arena was showered with fake snow (foam) and giant white balloons and these �snow elves� throughout the arena on stilts. Words can�t do the show justice until I hear it again. Thankfully, Phish is now offering their shows for purchase online as downloads. This one is already available as of about an hour ago actually. I left a few minutes early to try to figure out Penn Station so I wouldn�t miss my 1:30 AM train. The station was filled with people presumably returning from Times Square, etc. I slept for most of the train ride home, and arrived in Cambridge at 7:30 to walk to my car. The sun had just risen as I felt like the last person on earth walking around. It wasn�t cold out. I slept until 3:30 or so today.

Back to normal life again tomorrow after holidays and end of the year festivities have left me exhausted.

Tomorrow, I will murder a baby cow, and eat it upon my spaghetti.

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