Oh Joy!
2002-12-27 || the jim croce songbook, and how it will make me kill
soundtrack � the Specials � Singles

feeling completely ill from the Chinese food I just had for lunch. feeling completely ill in the head from being surrounded by led zeppelin songs from the second side of the first record. Some people just don�t seem to get it apparently. After trial and error, I�ve noticed what works and what doesn�t work for me. how many times, and how much energy can I spend before I decide to paint instead? Or just write? It seems ill advised to me, but then again, I don�t give my opinion anymore. I�d rather sit in the back.

New Years eve, got the ticket last night. I�m sitting in the 13th row of Madison Square Garden to see Phish play their first show in 2 years. I hate New York City generally, but I am going to deal with it. well, not really, I�m going to Penn Station on the train, and leaving immediately after the show. Hopefully I won�t be dealing with too many assholes. It would be great to carry one of those things that shock people that cops use. Just carry that in your jacket and shock random people for no reason whatsoever. The train brings me back to Boston at 6:20 AM. I don�t need to sleep in that disgusting shit hole of a city, which is also a good thing. Woody Allen makes New York look nice, but every time I�ve been there I felt like crashing a plane into it. This was way before 9/11/01, so I�m not being insensitive.

The person who said �honesty is the best policy� was lying.

I haven�t gave a shit in a while, and now, I am not taking shit, I am however writing quite possibly the worst sentences I have written in my life. I can�t write anymore, it�s all gone.


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