Oh Joy!
2002-12-27 || not david duke
soundtrack � john coltrane � coltrane

still freezing out here in boston. mood is much better today what with the weekend here and all. so yesterday, amidst a long day of people missing from work and the like, I came and wrote this entry, that was evidently taken as racist. reading it over again, I guess it was a little harsh. we have this group of black women that work in the warehouse here that have been causing problems for the past few months. Whenever someone tells them to do something they don�t want to do (e.g their white boss) they claim she�s being racist because she didn�t tell the white people in the warehouse to do the same thing. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Anyway, yesterday I was in there doing some work and overheard these women talking in the aisles about white people this and white people that. I�d like to think that society has progressed a little bit in the past 30 years or so. Unfortunately as evident in Trent Lott�s actions, and the very existence of some shithead like Strom Thurmond, and then these women, we haven�t progressed at all. I admit I can use some harsh words in here sometimes. I�ve even gone the route of deleting things I wrote in here ages ago that I thought would have me pegged as a nut�.Like my argument about golf courses where they don�t allow women, or blacks, or jews in which I say �why would you want to even go to a club like that then, if they are that ignorant?�. If these women think that the world would be better if they were just around black people all the time, then good, let them go be with other bitter black people who think all of us whites are after them. Me, I�ll still look at everyone as a person, as I always have. I like to see if anyone�s paying attention sometimes. It works

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