Oh Joy!
2002-12-21 || blonde, long curly hair, nice tits, big dick
Soundtrack � Art Blakey Quintet � A Night at Birdland Vol 1

Night out at the bar with Dan, ran into a couple of friends, only had two drinks. Avoided making eye contact with an old friend I don�t really talk to anymore. Nicole, who came in and sat with us, used to work at the record shop I frequent, or rather, used to. She is a music geek like I, but much too much of a drinker, etc. for me to ever be interested in beyond talking about 7� records, etc. She does not stop talking at all. I went into a trance like state nodding up and down as she talked away about different mixed drinks, heavy metal music, clubs in New York, and salad or something. Saw a chubby cat with a very cute face on the way out perched on the steps across from Laurie Cabot�s shop. That woman is silly. Anyway, we played with the cat for a few and made our way to get some late night breakfast. 3 giggly blondes approaching us ask where the nearest bar is. I think to myself �in my trunk I have a bar that I would love to hit you with for being so obnoxious in general� Dan says �that one has big feet� as we wait for the food, I reply �that means she has a big dick�.

Driving home from work tonight hit a big pothole shaking the car, and my nerves at the same time. Come upon a red light and a car full of moustached blue-collar men motions for me to put my window down. The inform me I lost a hubcap, and it�s "in front of a white house right back there". It�s rainy and miserable and fuck after such a long drawn out day, I make my way back and throw it in the front seat, where it will most likely sit until at least January 14th.

Wondering if anyone really cares that there is a movie called �Phantasm-Oblivion� on right now. That first one was so good. It�s completely low budget and shitty acting pervades it, but it was still creepy when I was a teenager.

In the book Rorem makes a good argument for pro choice I never thought of. If these pro life people think that life starts in the embryonic state, why are there no funerals when a woman miscarries?

In another bizarre just-remembered incident last night, when I returned to the club from my trip to the Chinese restaurant, which by the way was a true story, I wasn�t ready to walk into the club so I stood outside smoking. A big Cadillac from the 70�s came driving down Mass Ave with what sounded like a bullhorn with someone yelling, like a policeman. I heard ��.and you will burn eternally in a lake of fire��

How awful that I wasn�t aware that Dizzy co-wrote A Night in Tunisia.

It�s too late to be worrying about be-bop.

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