Oh Joy!
2002-12-21 || decembre -pt 6
Soundtrack � the Clash � From Here to Eternity

Had two dreams this morning, meant to write them down, but forgot. One of them, I was at some vacation place yet again (a theme this week) with Jodie, we were waiting for Christian and Dorian to show up. We somehow saw a view of them driving down the country roads in some sort of British car with the top down. This is all I really remember. We stood on a porch overlooking a field.

In the record store today I heard a man say: �I�ve been downloading so much lately, I don�t need to buy that� to the clerk. I would have thrown him out if it were my shop. The very reason small shops like that aren�t doing well anymore is partly to blame on tools like this who download all their music free off of the internet. The same assholes who have a problem with music getting more expensive seem to have no problem paying $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes, or almost $2.00 for a gallon of gas. I�ve downloaded some mp3�s, and the sound is awful, and you don�t get the artwork. How anyone is satisfied with this as a medium is beyond my comprehension. I can�t imagine Nat King Cole�s trio work would be more enjoyable playing out of my computer from an mp3 source than pulling the 12� record out and laying it on the bed, and having to get up when side A is over. People like this man should be forced to listen to very high frequencies until they go deaf, as they don�t deserve to listen to music. Heh.

Last night, the bar was empty. I like that actually. You can hear the conversation, and it�s not like I go to bars to meet new people or anything.

Letting it all just get out of control, the world.

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