Oh Joy!
2002-12-09 || te elf of powerful koinage
Soundtrack � John Coltrane � Coltrane

I didn�t leave the house much this weekend. Aside from an uneventful Christmas party for which I got a little drunk, and then felt like a fucking moron, and going out for a couple of hours on Saturday night with JDG I didn�t do much.

Well I did kill people all weekend

I have nothing of interest to bring here tonight yet again. I did however make my own survey. Seems everyone is doing them nowadays, so I thought I�d make one up. Copy and paste it if you would like and take it yourself! It�s so fun!


How old are you? 33

Where do you live? Salem, MA

Would you fuck your brother/sister for $100,000? No

Do you like red meat? yes

Led Zeppelin or Thin Lizzy? Thin Lizzy

Sperm or diarrhea? diarrhea

Favorite color? white

Lennon or Brian Wilson? Lennon

Favorite Food? chicken

Jews or Muslims? Muslims

Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas

Boots or Shoes? Boots

Cocaine or Heroin? Heroin

Alcohol or Milk? Milk

Genocide or Slavery? Genocide

The Jeffersons or the Cosby Show? Jeffersons

227 or Party of Five? neither

LSD or Fried Clams? Fried Clams

Guns or Knives? Knives

The Flu or the Measles? both

Would you kill another human being if you knew you were guaranteed not to get caught, for $1,000,000? yes

Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X? Malcolm

Rodney King or Willie Horton? Willie

Radiohead or hot man on man anal sex? Radiohead

Letting me give you a facial or letting me buy you dinner? Letting me give you a facial

Spongebob Squarepants or Michael Schenker of the Scorpions? MS from the Scorps

Jam Master Jay or Tupac Shakur? JMJ

Giving money to the homeless or punching racists in the face? Punching racists in the face

Woody Allen or Woody Harrelson? Allen

Child pornography or hot �priest on nun� sex? Child Porn

If you had a gun to your head and were told to either fuck a pitbull in the ass (with a strap on if you are female) or watch your parents fuck which would you do? Fuck the pitbull

Gin and Tonic or Milk and cookies? Milk and Cookies

What have you learned about yourself from this quiz? nothing

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