Oh Joy!
2002-11-14 || devil puppy is not a hateful man, so shuddup
Soundtrack � Jimi Hendrix

So here I am in work on a wonderfully sunny Thursday morning with a great cup of coffee to the left of me, some new music to listen to, my work plate is a bit empty so I have a little free time here to try and get my shit together. Someone just walked into the office holding a pack of cigarettes in one hand, and a coffee in the other. This is how I feel right now! I think that minorities and people who speak foreign languages should be thrown out of the United States. I love people. I really do, after spending years hating people, or thinking I hate people, I don�t really care though. I think homosexuals are sinners and should be stopped. So again last night our practice didn�t really happen as Aarne broke a bass string. Can you imagine the audacity? That mother fucker. I think that women should not be allowed to vote. So we haven�t played properly in a couple weeks now which sucks! I feel like Missy Elliott. I hate that people try to read behind the lines and they get the wrong impression. I hate that people only read between the lines. Give it up, it�s useless.

The first time I heard Iron Maiden, or rather, got really into them was in 1982 or so, what the fuck was happening 20 years ago? I was a 13 year old boy listening to the Sex Pistols and the Clash and Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and Cheap Trick and Joe Jackson, and I wanted to fuck. We had porn magazines all over the house. I wanted a heavy metal life style. I WANTED. Now I�m an old sick of every goddamned white person that�s picked up a guitar guy. I am a white guy that picks up a guitar am I sick of myself? No, not yet. But I damn well should not be singing songs about girls anymore, it�s too easy. I want to sing about Jesus Christ and how Jesus Christ is going to burn in the fiery pits of hell for being a mother fucker with voodoo!

so the next step is for us to get this fucking cd sampler thing and some photo and some words out to the people. then and only then we will be able to rock the arenas and champagne filled nights of debauchery and sin. If we don�t do something soon this guy will jump into that poster behind him and fly through tropical nights of margaritas and flamingos like you have never known.

when I go to heavy metal concerts nowadays, which is about 10 a month this is how things go down:

moustaches and all, this is what you get

and when I come home at night and I�m not racist or sexist so be quiet and when I get home I lie in bed with the lights out and you know what I see floating above my head and I have to slap my head over and over to get the image out of my brain do you know what the image is?

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