Oh Joy!
2002-11-13 || the history of the mallard duck versus my monster weapons of pointyobjects!
Soundtrack � XTC � drums and wires

the concept of the electric guitar versus Charlie Parkers heroin habit and how it affected his playing on Ornithology

so it�s cold here yes in Boston right now but I can�t be bothered with binding, oppressive jackets that make it hard to drive in the car and make one look even bigger and bad ass in fact the fact that I cared at one point as to what jacket I wore is a bit funny

homosexuality indeed

and to think that at one point I wouldn�t be caught dead doing that and this and they think I�m depressed I should have gone into acting but I�m too fat and my cock is not big enough I wonder though if I could be a rock star

what made me want to play guitar?

1. Kiss

2. Fugazi

3. Trey

4. Neil

5. marijuana/espresso (California)

and then I become a guitar and unfortunately I mean I became a guitar player and unfortunately I sing a song a bout this girl and that one and then I realize I like girls why make a song like that so I change the songs to friendly women from different areas of the area I am in it all works out in the end though and won�t make sense to any men but if I could just sing about the village idiot or dreams and well here are the best songs ever written about �music�

1. spirit of radio � rush

2. target � fugazi

3. sir duke � steveie wonder

4. I love music � the o�jays

5. it don�t mean a thing if it ain�t got that swing � duke

I can remember the first drink of alcohol, and now I can remember the last drink of alcohol I had, it was at that wedding over the summer august 20something was the last time I tasted alcohol, I am going to never drink it again because the weaklings (COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKING WEAK FUCKHEADS!!!!!!!!) make me want to vomit and laugh and cry at the same time sheep and lions and homosexuality or better yet bisexuality run rampant and they think it�s wrong the jesus people are thick headed can�t you fucking see? I don�t want any association with the association of ted bundy fan club members he came out for two reasons that I discussed in this diary before, on July 17th 2000. Fuck that. here are my favorite instruments

1. gutar

2. saxiphone

3. pinao

4. vlioin

5. drums

just because I complained it was cold here doesn�t mean this long sleeve shirt helps anything or anyone out with any one I can no longer pay attention I mean when I got the coffee last night I was already half in the bag not with whiskey and pcp with cheech and chong cd�s blaring in the car to the soundtrack of the new opeth cd heavy metal growls and marijuana wafts this xtc cd though if you don�t have it you should be thrown in thrown into the river and then we will throw you pieces of bread you little mallard duck you!

The male Mallard has a really pretty head that is green with a bright yellow beak. The female has a brown beak and yellow and brown feathers. A male is called a drake and a female is called a hen. The mallard duck can measure up to as much as 27 inches in length and weigh as much as 3 pounds. The mallard eats seeds, nuts, fruit, grass, small fish, tadpoles, and insects. The hen lays the eggs and takes care of them until the eggs hatch. After the eggs hatch the hen will take the chicks out for their first swimming lesson. In the winter the mallard ducks will pair up.

This my friend, is a pretty fucking intense duck right here:

oh yeah I will punch this in the face:

Unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled cream of coconut, and rum make up this punch. Requires a blender.

this weekend I am going to eat lunch and then I am going to get a bow and arrow and shoot at the cement ground with the arrows nobody wished me a happy birthday those motherfuckers oh yeah jodiesarahangelastefaniedoriandanielbreauxfamily did so who cares I�m 33 now

�Happy Birthday Christian do you want another piece of cake?

�Ouch, that�s pointy!�

what are your top five favorite reasons for all of this, list them in the guestbook, and then promptly leave.


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