Oh Joy!
2002-09-25 || the andy garcia debacle (susan pt 3)
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � Dark Magus

The enemy, that has always kept me down anyway, is assumption.

I paid the hooker 30 bucks to clean my apartment, while my wife slept in some hotel somewhere.

Don�t ever ask me if I�m okay, please.

Her and I did so many drugs that night, really.

I miss how it feels to be trapped, right now, I feel free.


(IS THE ANSwer-)

I was put here to do two things, live and die. I haven�t even done one of these yet.

32 years old, on the floor, vomiting up the worst John Lee Hooker song you can think of.

If they have red hair, run away, if they have brown hair, walk away, if they have blonde hair, trainsplanesautomobilesyouknowairplanes

The way I do it is simple: An emotion arrives. �ah-ha!� It gets transferred to 2 different places, over a week period. At some point adoration comes into the picture, I say thank you, and then everyone goes home happy. Even the �good� ones had issues at first. Think about the first time a person hears the melody to �Dear Old Stockholm�.

First we take the time, and then we take his soul.

**** May 18th, 1996,

Sarah and I had just left this restaurant that was on the water and were walking back to the car when I asked her why she was in a shitty mood. She wouldn�t answer as usual. She always gets in these moods that aggravate the hell out of me. I hate when she�s like this. When we got back to the apartment she wouldn�t talk, and went straight to bed. I stayed in the living room until about four thirty in the morning watching some old movie I never caught the name of. I paid little attention to it, as it was one of those movies that take place during World War II. I have no desire to watch this kind of stuff, but I did while looking through the paper. Tomorrow we�re supposed to go to her mothers house to pick up an air conditioner, perhaps things will be a little better then.****

The dog yelled and fucking it fucking screamed!

This one night, we played cards, and I ended up telling them about-

=give me a fucking break, please=


at about the time when you figure it all out, is about the time when it feels good. It fills you up with some type of feeling that you don�t get from eating, from sex, from anything. It�s melody, and it�s completed emotion or something like that. There�s nothing like it, the spirit. Trane and pharaoh felt the spirit, sun ra felt the spirit. Where would you like me to sign?

I apologized to 3 people today. I am the worst person that has ever existed in the history of people who have existed. From time to time, I remember birthdays, and open doors for blind people entering libraries. I never feel pity or regret.

Does anyone know how to spell reeilef rlefie reliefffff relelief relief?

She had a waste as skinny as my leg, and an attitude like the worst person you can think of. You know, when you think of the worst people around, and they are the people that fuck with you and bug you and act strange. I need med

You know the worst type of person you know a real asshole shit I forgot to take the Tupperware in to wash for tomorrow�s lunch, I didn�t cook anyway. Pasta and broccoli

You know, like the worst type of person that exists, well she had a waste like a fat mans wrist, and she had this attitude like a stubborn 13 year old girl. Like a 15 year old boy �what the fuck boat did you just get off of?� I asked her �90 cents please�

�I wasn�t trying to steal nuttin�


holymother of fuck I�m tiherd

is he even playing this same flu

I had never had the flu

I never did

So tat�s

Is out

Of the wuiqsytion

before & after