Oh Joy!
2002-09-18 || billy idol cock blocks me in the "Pop/Soul A-G" section
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � Bitches Brew

Okay, this is my favorite record ever. Anyway�

So back in the 11th grade, when I was one of those punk rock kids who was into the punk rock and hardcore, as well as the stuff like the Smiths, and the Cure, and of course, Molly Ringwald. She was close to my age! She was in those cool movies, and she was a redhead, and ummm, yeah. So I�m walking to class one day and I see this girl who doesn�t look like Molly Ringwald, but has some sort of something about her that has that. She has red hair, is wearing some hat, and is just pretty. Striking. Perfect face. I started to know her schedule. I would go out of my way to see if I could run into her coming from this classroom, etc. An early version of stalking perhaps? I don�t even think the word stalking was invented when I was in high school. Fuck, I remember when they opened a VIDEO RENTAL place. You paid like 50 dollars a month probably, and RENTED VIDEOS TO WATCH. They had about 80 movies in the place. I swear up and down that guy was gay in there. So I don�t quite remember how I did it, but I got to talking to this girl. 16 years later�shit, 16 YEARS LATER�I can�t go up to a girl cold and say �hello� or whatever, and I was the shy punk rock kid, so I don�t remember how we met, but�I think she became mutual friends with friends of mine. So one night we went out. I had a car. Oooh. I was all of 17, just about to graduate, and Alison was a year or two below me. We were sitting in my car talking, listening to the Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me when we started talking about family, etc. I was moments from kissing this girl finally. Although moments from kissing her for the 15th time in a month. So we�re talking, when all of a sudden we realize that we�re�cousins! Fuck! Seriously. Well, cousins by marriage, not by blood. The only red hair in my Italian family is the red hair you get when grandpa throws a bowl of ziti at your head for talking out of line at the dinner table. So after this bizarre realization took place, I went home and was depressed. We became good friends, and the only reason I thought of this was today, she popped into my head when I saw a picture of Molly Ringwald. She was my first �one of those� crushes I had in high school. �I can�t listen to that Cure record anymore, damn her!�. I never got to kiss my cousin ever. My cousin by marriage, that is. We remained friends for a while until the obligatory �good friend fools around with her and is mean to her, etc. and I get all weird situation� that went down. I did see her years later, in 1994. She was working at Tower Records in Hollywood for a long time, and I was visiting my dad out there, and I was going to surprise her. I go into the place, and I spot her in the back aisles. I start walking towards her, and all of a sudden Billy Idol cuts me off, and she says to him �we have it right here for you Mr. Idol� or something like that, while simultaneously noticing me. She lets out some sort of exclamation and gives me a hug, and meanwhile Billy Idol is standing there watching this shit go down and says something like �looks like you two haven�t seen each other in a bit� in that Billy Idol voice. That �I want my MTV� voice, that Billy Idol in the Wedding Singer, but without the wrinkles voice. Quite possibly the most bizarre reunion of sorts I�ve ever had, and Billy Idol got to witness it. That night we went out, and sat behind Anthony Kiedis in his Mustang at a red light, and got high. I want to track her down to say hello now. I will track her down, just to say �hello�. Maybe we can go out on a date or something. I need that.

So I went away over the weekend with Danzilla, and we took some pictures, here are a couple. There are more pictures here too�right here rather.

This first one was one of the first ones taken, this is somewhere in Connecticut. This fucking guy knows how to party down like a mother fucker. Wait, is it Stone Cold Steve Austin?? This would be the first time Dan got nervous of my driving. I like to take pictures with zoom lenses with digital cameras, while going 75mph on a highway, what�s wrong with that. Note reflection in mirror I just finally noticed. I planned that, really�

Dan took this one. This is actually me trying to capture this bat that was flying around the dingy hotel room we got. Actually, this is what happens when you are in a car for a long period of time doing drugs and trying to read maps at the same time, while a noticeably nervous Dan asks if he can help with the map. This sums up what being on vacation is all about though. Hey don�t step on that phone!

This is what being in a Satanic Psychedelic Acid Heavy Metal Rock band is all about right here:

I like to look up at sky through camera while driving car over bridge. Do you like to do this? Yes? Ansel Adams can suck my cock.

Dan tries to touch television because of the Disney Channel show we are watching, while I scratch the serial number of off my semi automatic weapon I stole from a cop.

I then apparently decide that a rain poncho is in order, and Dan needs to hold some money up. Did I have a stomach ache?

I become acquainted with this guy Jack Daniels. Wait, I didn�t drink on this trip. Who took this picture?

Dan, 15 minutes into my �lampshade/Phil Collins karaoke incident�

more to come�

before & after