Oh Joy!
2001-09-19 || new member - cur 9 st311
And now a Hello! from a new member....

Hello everyone! My name is Curly and I'm 11

years old. I just joined TCLC, and I live in Tewksbury Ma.

I heard that Natalie needed some help with her 'zine, and

I wanted to contribute- so here's a little bit about my cats.

My cats can be very silly sometimes!

My cat April always goes out the front door, runs around

the house and then runs back in the door to jump on the

coutner, and miss!

Bonnie is very odd. She does not meow- she gobbles! Her

favorite place to sleep is a basket that she is almost to big


Pumpkin, God bless his soal. He is gone now but I want to

share his sillies. He would jump up on the trashcan when it

was open and land in the trash!

before & after