Oh Joy!
2001-08-23 || The Rock Concert
Soundtrack: Miles Davis � It�s About That Time

So I�ve just purchased my 67th Miles Davis CD tonight (76th if you want to get technical and count box set contents : )) I enjoy this era of Miles though. Still to this day it reminds me of JDG and I driving up to Twin Peaks, I mean Limestone, Maine in 97 to see Phish, arriving late in the evening playing one of his CD�s from this era, and then hearing it on the radio up there as well. Fond memories indeed, I wonder if we will ever have another weekend like that, he had more of those than I did, and I kick myself for unnecessarily missing them all, but what the hell. I still rate that as the best Phish experience I had with him anyway, musically, and more so atmosphere wise. It�s ironic that such cacophonous sound can remind me of a pleasant weekend such as that.

So I have the television down low right now, and Conan O�Brien was on for some reason. Why is it every time you turn that show on they are doing something incredibly stupid and unfunny? Perhaps people just have shitty taste in humor? Or people like their humor �easy� I don�t know, he�s okay, better than Leno, but he�s unpleasant to look at first and fore most. Who wants to look at an Irish person for that long? I certainly don�t�It�s a joke, relax.


*** �How many of you mother fuckers like to party?�

Sitting on the stoop of a liquor store in 1983 stoned out of my mind with Ryan Fitzpatrick trying to get someone to buy for us.

*** �This one goes out to all the mother fuckers�

It�s a Friday night, I�ve just had twelve Zimas and I drive my Lexus SUV into a utility pole, while listening to Whitney Houston with a car load of squirrels wearing cheap after shave.

*** �I want every mother fucker in here to get on their feet and clap their hands�

Blowing the lead singer of Creed as an offering to Jesus Christ.

*** �Mother fuckers, we are here to rock you tonight�

Lying in bed after a night on the town and calling your ex-girlfriend a �douche bag� in Japanese.

*** �That�s right mother fuckers, I said we are here to rock you�

A young man gets into a fight outside of a 7-11 and gets hit in the face with a bottle of Snapple diet raspberry iced tea.

*** �Let�s see all the mother fucking girls in here tonight�

Spending money on a record that was recorded by white people after 1967

*** �Let�s get fucked up mother fuckers�

The drummer of my band having anal sex with an African-American teenager.

*** �This next one, is for all the mother fuckers in here tonight�

Watching a Reese Witherspoon film on DVD

*** �I bet all you mother fuckers ain�t partied like this before�

4 homosexual teenage boys arguing about Liza Minnelis birthday

*** �Motherfuckers!�

Smashing a bank teller in the mouth with a sock with a softball in it and stealing a bag of nickels

*** �On lead guitar, a mother fucker�

Kevin Costner high on crystal meth running around a hotel room with a towel on his head screaming about his manicure appointment.

*** �We won�t bore you with any sissy ass ballads you mother fuckers�

Coming home and realizing you will die soon, and so won�t all of your friends and family, and laughing about it

*** �Did you mother fuckers come here to party tonight or to go to sleep? Mother fuckers�

Getting caught by your boss fucking a Chucky doll in the women�s room

*** �You mother fuckers are unfucking real�

Me and your little sister huffing Glade (�Cool Mountain Mist� scent) in the parking lot of a Papa Roach concert while listening to Ozzy Osbourne in a mini-van.

*** �On the bass guitar, a mother fucker�

Urinating on a photograph of Ornette Coleman while high on marijuana

*** �Mother fuckers, let�s fucking party tonight, come on�

We walked along the promenade sipping diet pepsi ironically, while discussing Pink Floyd�s Division Bell album

*** �How many of you mother fuckers in here tonight are REAL mother fuckers?�

Kicking the window of an old man�s Plymouth Reliant in because he didn�t use his directional signal

*** �On the keyboards, and vocals, a mother fucker�

How many Iranians does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, you fucking racist moron.

*** �Motherfuckers, what song do you want to hear?�

Going off the rails of the �crazy train�

*** �Alllllriiiiggghhht Mother fuckers�

Diligently searching for your gun, so when you show up at the party, you can �shoot that mother fucker that said Bill Evans couldn�t play piano�

*** �You mother fuckers are fucking out of control in here tonight�

Smoking crack for the first time, and blowing the smoke into the muzzle of your friends Golden Retriever named �Freckles�

*** �Mother fuckers, it�s about time we go home�

Penny Marshall so fucked up on qualludes that she actually has sex with me and my father at the same time

*** �All right mother fuckers, we�ll do one more for you tonight, this one goes out to all the mother fuckers�

Driving 120 miles an hour through a mall in a flaming car blaring �Hot Rails To Hell� by Blue Oyster Cult, with Jesus Christ in the passenger seat.

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