Oh Joy!
2001-06-28 || empty stomach, empty brain
how many "******" does it take to change a light bulb?


2 to "****** *** **** ** *******" and 1 to "********"

band practice was good last night, shane came up with his stuff and jammed for a little while. his stuff, meaning his bass keyboard thingy, some effect things and drum machines and mixer, etc. It sounded pretty good. All of the guys in the band except for aarne are like girls in the heat, they can't hang. i think the more sweat, the better the rock music. just look at the cover of the first live barry white album and you'll get an idea of what i mean. anyway, i'm getting to the point where i don't even want to sing anymore though. i have nothing really interesting to say, and i hate my lyrics so far in this band, i want to keep changing them all the time. i'd rather us just play music and not worry about using our voices. it's a tedious affair trying to sing these days.

i feel like an asshole, look at.

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